Montag, 1. August 2011

Minor 16-year-old Mapuche suffers attempt of homicide from the colonist Héctor Urban.

The injured boy indicates that  was the son of René Urban whom shot point
blank inside the lands of community Ignacio Queipul at Temucuicui .

 Today at 5 p.m. hrs. the minor Mapuche of initials L.M., of 16 years of
age, was looking for part of his cattle that was shooting iyesterday for the
guardians of the farm The Roman, two kilometres of the property usurped by
the colonists. In agreement to his statement, in this moment there
approaches Héctor Urban, who without happening notice proceeds to shoot him,
reaching him in the leg near the testicles causing an enormous forado for
the exit of bullet. Both chilean police and the father of the author of the
shot were in the surroundings observing the fact, escaping all fastly of the
place, in his respective vehicles, which realizes the complicity in the
fact. At this moment the minor is sangrándo profusely waiting for an
emergency vehicle to move it to the hospital where it could be controlled.

 For the Territorial Alliance Mapuche this fact is one more sample of
how the foreigns colonizes the Mapuche territory from always, with the
support of governments as Piñera, offering cardboard dialogs announce to
disguise that the source of his law is the killer violence.

 More information in the area:

 Juan Catrillanca Antin, Ñizol Logko

 MIjael Carbone Queipul werken

 Telephone number for reports 94457008