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MARICHEWEU, a german association for human rights of the Mapuche people, decided to launch a campaign for financial support to Leonardo in order to reduce the costs for care of the young that the family can not afford. This campaign is personally requested by Leonardo and his mother. We asked people who could provide practical help to contact directly at the following address: elena.urrutia@ arcor.de ..... to coordinate aid. We also ask to support this campaign with the aim to improve the health of Leonardo as quick as possible.
We ask to all Mapuche organizations, political organizations, social, cultural and religious people aware of human rights of children, for solidarity for the young Mapuche Chekenko Quijón Leonardo Pereira of the region of Wente Winkel Mapu,.. Let’s help Leonardo to improve his health to let him have the opportunity to have a life without pain and can get in the future capacity to support himself. This young person is a victim of the repression of the state against the Chilean Mapuche children and so far no one has assumed the responsability of his psychological and physical effects.
For the moment few people are joined with him.

On October 20, 2009, Leonardo has received nearly 200 lead bullets in the left calf. His current situation is critical, he has lost weight and suffers of persistent pain every day, and due to this situation is not able to live doing normal activities of young people of his age or get a paid work.. To all this we must add the cost of medicines, food and transport to Santiago to trauma and his economy can not afford it.

Leonardo ist in very poor health because of these factshappened in 2009 when he was severely wounted by the Chilean police forces.

Leonardo Quijón has been judged unfairly by the Chilean judicial system, for terrorism offence with a double process of military justice, he was found not guilty at the first trial, which was canceled and repeated, and finally he was found "innocent" the second time .
As a minor, Leonardo has suffered a cruel and degrading treatment wounding all the rights guaranteed in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is part of Chile. The life of Leonardo is still in danger, being seriously wounded he had to declare, being in a hospital bed, recovering, he was detained and imprisoned in a youth centerin CHOL CHOL where he suffered a severe repression by the supervisors, including cuting his hair to humiliate him.


We must remember that Leonardo was accused and tried for robbery with intimidation, repeated fires, ilegal firearms and frustrated homicide for which he was found not guilty the first time on 24 JUIN 2010 by the criminal including taxation of Angol asked to cancel the ruling. On September 21, 2010, the court's oral ruling of Angol absoud the young Mapuche, for the second time all the facts detailed above .


The youth turned 18 July 9, 2011 and suffers from many serious sequelae due to injuries, a insufisante medical attention and a insufisante economic and family ..
Found not guilty Sept. 21, 2010, he was released and returned home to her. Leonardo has difficulty walking, he must help a cane orthopedic s'enffle his foot and the pain becomes unbearable, which prevent to mobilize normally. It necesita assessment of disability.
He is suffering depressive episodes, and has not received pschycologic evaluation nor support.

IRREGULARITIES: According to the family, a copy of the clinical record was requested to obtain the complete information of the health of Leonardo. This request was refused or simply ignored .. In this regard, we note that in the three medical records of the Intitute trauma (2) and the UC hospital (1) there is no identification number of the patient's clinical record.

There is a lack of general medical information, trauma and cardiology.

Leonardo Quijón receives no appropriate medical care for the serious injuries suffered by the violent agents of the Chilean State.

INFORMATION: Report Edelstam Harald, and funtions Ethic Against Torture. From page 122.


Testimony of Leonardo Seminar on Children's Mapuche, in December 2011.

Leonardo: "I was threatened, we were discriminated, beaten, they forced us to do physical exercises knowing that I could not walk, I was in a wheelchair, I had to jog on one foot, if I didn’ t do what they said they would beat me, threatened me with a firearm .. ».... He aslo suffered the tension and psychological damage caused by the permanent presence of the police in his region, the verbal abuse and threats. This is a reality that the media ignore or hide.

Source: Report of the Committee against Torture Ethic, Harald Edelstam

October 20, 2009, LQP, who was a minor a this date, was hunting rabbits, according to the testimony of the minor, after the shooting and glare caused by the headlights of a police car, he was severely wounded in the leg when he would run. He hid in the area a few days, then he went with her mother to Santiago surching for help and medical care.
Publications to the press:
The head of the tax public ministry at Angol, Luis Chamorro presented an accusation against the minor, accusing him of four crimes. Published in different important media. (Http://www.mapuche.info/?kat=1&sida=538). It may be noted that these charges are the same that hold more than 50 Mapuche political prisoners according to the anti-terrorism law • 18,314.

1. RobberyVol with intimation,
2. Repeated fire,
3. Illegal carrying of firearm
4. Frustrated homicide.

October 25, 2009. LQP, suffering a gun shot wound with about 150 pellets (see X-rays CANSEE attached) in the left leg, he arrived at the trauma hospital in Santiago for medical care, .. due to the magnitude of his injuries, the lawyer Lorenzo Cortes Morales, candidate for the criminal law located in Santiago accepted the application for aid care and decided to defend the minor ad-honorem Quijón Leonardo Pereira, giving him the legal support.
In this hospital belonging to the Ministry of Health, he was received by dr. Claudio Valencia Grez, with a diagnosis "INJURY COMPLICATED BY ARM in left leg, TIBIAL INJURY POST LEFT" (note the age: 18), considered as a major but he was not .
A few days after Leonardo Quijon suffered a cardio respiratory arrest (October 28), then the doctors have stabilized and transferred him to another hospital.

October 28,
2009, he returned to the University Hospital Catholic hospital for urgent treatment of mechanical ventilation to receive care from a group of doctors .. The name of the senior physician Dr. Glenn Hernandez ICU physician, appears as the main Seccion of critical patients of the Catholic University Clinic hospital. Anocther doctor of the minor also talked to a newspaper about the serious conditions of the minor at the moment he was connected to mechanical ventilation in critical patients seccion.

November 3, 2009, back to the trauma NSTITUTE of Santiago, required by urgence by the prosecutor deputy , Luis Diaz Chamorro; the subordinates of the police investigation execute the recording of the voluntary declaration of the minor LQP, the mother of the minor is laso present and his lawyer Mr. Lorenzo Morales Cortes.

December 10, 2009, Santiago detention. He was considered cured but still recovering (in care of the most serious injury, and still having serious heart problems), and while preparing for his return trip to his home in the south, the minor was arrested by the brigade of Angol criminal investigation of the police investigation of Chile (PDI). According to the observation history, on the issue of police N. 3723, and copy in possession of Mrs. Rosa Pereira, one can see the stamp of the court guarantees of Angol, a document that includes all the data and the date of birth of the minor. The order of detention N. 091940000216 ..
• In addition we can also read "offense: dangerous fire for people, etc. Art.475 and 47. From this document we see that the detention order was carried out on December 5 oral and written.
• The minor is transfered in helicopter to the center of deprivation of liberty of Santiago Police of the area Chol Chol in southern Chile in a hall for minors SENAME (National Service of the minor), but under the control of the Gendarmerie of Chile , according to denounce the minor and being in the center he was abused several times ..

May 10, 2010. An organization of civil society, the Comission Ciudadana for human rights represented by Mrs. Sebastian Meza Ulloa, Mauricio Contreras Quezada, Maria Ulloa Lagunas sign a letter directed to the Regional Director of SENAME Mr. Slater Fernando San Román asking to consider the serious state of health of the minor; and that the minor has not been able to get a general nor a specialized medical evaluation, (trauma), controls or examents.

The visits realised by the committee, revealed the pain complained of by the minor because of the intense cold, beatings and physical exercises that they obliged him to do when he was imprisoned by the Task Force Rebellion (GEAM) in the center of minors of deprivation liberty SENAME in Chol Chol.

May 27, 2010. The minor receives an appointment to justice June 15, 2010, by the Public Ministry against the minor Leonardo Pereira "for the offense of theft by intimidation> signed by Mr. Hector Cardenas Guerrero, head of the unit of witnesses and experts .

June 24, 2010, the court's oral Criminal Angol absolves LQP from crimes he is accused of: theft by intimidation, repeated fires, illegal carrying of firearms, homicide frustrated with rifle in service.
The prosecutor Luis Chamorro of Angol, who during the trial, asked a sentence of 10 years maximum sentence that can be given to a minor, could not verify his involvement in fact, and finally recognized the minor not guilty .

July 19, 2010, military justice added to the persecution of the prosecutor of Angolans who asked the Temuco Court of Appeal to set aside the judgment tha absolved the minor and decided to pursue again Leonardo Quijón who had recently became 18. Source: La Nación.

The first trial was canceled to August 15, 2010 by the Segunda Sala of the Court of Appeal of Temuco.

September 21, 2010, the Angol court oral absolves for the second time the young of all charges Mapuche Quijón Leonardo Pereira, 18.
Published in the journal <the nación> Chile <UPI original source> the Judges Oscar Viñuela, Julio Sandoval and Claudio Campos decide unanimously, despite that seven protected witnesses testified on the existence of facts and other evidence, that no evidence Quijón as a participant reports in the facts.
The article concludes: "I spent two days in life-threatening" and now he suffers from taquicardie and other pathologies derived informed his lawyer Lorenzo Morales, that make impossible for him to perform heavy work. After the declaration of absolution, he is left free, being preventively detained throughout the trial because of the detention orders that the prosecutor of Angol requested against the young Mapuche.

October 9, 2010. Copies of the radiographs done in October 9, 2010, where we can see a huge amount of lead bullets covered with rubber in the left leg of the minor. It was impossible to get the radiologist file.

November 10, 2010, a scanned copy of the medical record is attached, that the Dr. Orielle Nuñez Serrano, internal medicine, did. In evatuation, it informs that the pain is continuous and spontaneous in the left leg and the left foot to walk. She also informed of serious and deep scars in the bottom of the left area of fémolair, and more superficial alterations in sensitivity of the foot.

He must permanently have <PREGABALIN> and his abilities should be evaluated

November 15, 2010. he was received by Dr. Paulo Andrés Navia Gonzalez, of the Institute of Traumatology Santiago confirming the diagnosis

Contact: elena.urrutia@arcor.de