Dienstag, 3. April 2012

ANIDE hires lawyers to document the trial in Victoria instead of funding the defense for the Mapuche minors.


The ANIDE Foundation hires lawyers to document the trial in Victoria instead of funding advocates for the processes of Mapuche children.by Elena Urrutia on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 2:41

To the national and international public opinion:

ANIDE Foundation (Support for children and their rights) has the Pichikeche Project "Mapuche childhood victim of state violence: a model of repair for the restitution of rights" in communities in the region of Araucania. "With this issue they receive financial support from the German Association Kindernothilfe eV (Emergency Assistance for children).

Despite several attempts I made with ANIDE for the situation in which juveniles are charged under the Terrorism Act they have not been willing to provide practical support in the financing of their processes, the situation is serious, young people do not have the resources and can not finance their advocates, indeed they do not even have money to go to the police stations to sign for their relief. No money to pay for travel expenses of their defenders, their stay, photocopies and all expenses that occur with this unfair process to young Mapuche accused of being terrorists by the Chilean state. You have to keep in mind that there are several days of hard work and dedication involved keeping the lawyers from working in other processes.

Meanwhile ANIDE has hired two lawyers to go to document the trial so that they can take advantage of the work done by the advocates of the adolescents during day and night without financial resources. This situation worries and infuriates the youths who do not even know those attorneys hired by ANIDE to go to comfortably sit and watch how the trial works out without contributing in anything just to write reports and present them as they have done so far and thus showing that they do what they propagate in their projects in order to continue receiving financial aid that basically have been and are only to justify their own existence and in no way will contribute to prevent the institutional repression of the Chilean state against Mapuche children nor to repair or restore the rights of the children.


We call to the public community to demand that ANIDE to support concretely the processes of the Mapuche children as a remedy for the restitution of their rights as children and to not use their situation just to make a good appearance. It is troubling and grave that for want of funding the freedom and life of these young people is jeopardized We call to all persons and organizations to show solidarity with the financing of the processes of these young Mapuche. In case of concrete support contact me on my email elena.urrutia@arcor.de. For this serious campaign there exists no other person to coordinate that. I will tell you then how you can send your help directly to them.Here is what is published in Germany, naturally from what were informed of by ANIDE.

Translated from the German website Kindernothilfe eV:With the Pichikeche project (girls and boys), Anide and the Children Emergency Assistence provide, since early 2010, direct trauma relief work and they are heavily committed to end the application of the Chilean anti-terror laws on children and adolescents.Already the continued presence of the local teams, the fact that psychologists and social workers take the experiences of the children seriously, document them and help the children to handle the experiences has had, in the past 18 months, a significant therapeutic effect.


Meanwhile, there is also another hope that the Chilean government will eventually face its responsibility for the violence against Mapuche children: At the request of Anide and the Chilean child rights coalition the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington dealt last March with the 39 documented cases. Ana Salas Cortez, coordinator of the project Pichikeche, and Anide attorney Lorenzo Morales Cortés traveled with Children's Emergency Assistance to Washington to inform the Commission members in detail. The chances are good that there will be an arbitration procedure under the responsibility of the Organization of American States (OAS), through which the government of Chile will be forced to change their laws and repressive practices against children and young people from Mapuche communities. "We have made an important first step", says José Horacio Wood, "but until police raids like the one on the School of Temucuicui are never again repeated, there is still a long way to go."

THE COMMUNITIES ARE STILL BEING RAIDED AND THE MINORS TERRORIZED AND VIOLATED: Remember the mothers with their babies who were recently being beaten!Noteworthy is the point that the reports submitted to the Inter-Amican Court were due to the work of the lawyer Lorenzo Morales C. Mapuche defender of adolescents like Luis Marileo, Leonardo Quijón, Jorge Mariman and not a merit of ANIDE.

Written by Elena Urrutia, March 26, 2012.

Patricio Queipul, 16, Autonomous community Temucuicui.

Luis Marileo, also went on hunger strike and was the last to stop. Belongs to the community Cacique José Guiñon in Ercilla. Luis: "Territorial control, advancing in the national liberation of our Mapuche people. AUTONOMY AND REBELLION." "FREE MY PEOPLE" Drawing in the prison of Chol Chol, Album “Freedom on sheets”

José Ñirripil. "The resistance of my people is for life, for the love of all living things, love of nature, love of mother earth. Our shed blood is fight and life for generations. Mapuche are people of love and respect for life, for freedom. The struggle will continue until they stop hurting our people, continue the resistance until a new sun and new moon come out. The Mapuche will resist for life. MARICHEWEU" Drawing in the prison of Chol Chol, Album “Freedom on sheets”

Jorge Mariman, community Cacique José Guiñon

Cristian Cayupan Morales , Lof Muko " "While there is hope we will continue to live, while my dream lives, I will keep fighting" Drawing in the prison of Chol Chol, Album “Freedom on sheets”